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We, along with our partners, receive many letters and comments throughout the year from satisfied customers.
Some of the most recent include...

quotesThe savings on detergent and utilities from installing an EcoWash Ozone Laundry System ...are important... It performs better than hot water... and costs way less to operate.

Joe Statz, Statz Dairy Farms

After struggling with excessive costs in our Laundry operation, we decided it was time to check into Ozone technology. We're saving money, and the linens are actually cleaner.

Joseph Cole, Sr.

I spend way less on water, natural gas, electricity and detergent. The EcoWash Ozone Laundry System is a great investment!

Scott Maier, Maier Dairy Farms

Just as promised, we recovered our costs very quickly. The monthly savings on water, gas and electricity are great for our bottom line.

Alan D., AmericInn

The EcoWash system allows us to use 35% less water than a traditional commercial laundry system and we also use 35% less detergent... the system will pay for itself in less than a year.

Pete T., Wilderness Resort

...we were able to embark on an energy savings program for the first time. We did it without any up-front capital expense, and the program paid for itself in less than a year.

Brett Schulke

...we have seen significant savings on our gas, electrical and water bills...our linens come out of the wash feeling softer and they last longer than they used to.

Stan A., Polynesian Resort

We use significantly less water, natural gas and electricity. What's more, it takes less time to do each load of laundry, so our labor costs have gone down as well.

Ken M., Cedarberry Inn

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