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Owning vs. Leasing - how different are they?

There can be significant differences between owning and leasing. Please read through the questions below to help understand how these differences could impact your business...

Is there an advantage to leasing depreciating assets?

When the objective is getting the maximum use out of a rapidly depreciating asset in which the use (not the appreciation) brings profits to the business, leasing can easily be your best option. Maximize the use...minimize the investment.

Is there a tax advantage to leasing?

While bank loans for equipment must be capitalized and depreciated over a period of 5, 6, 7 or more years (the interest component can be deducted in the year incurred), operating leases allow you deduct the entire payment, effectively accelerating those write-offs for faster returns.

What are the biggest advantages to leasing?

If obtaining a bank loan at a low rate requires that you keep a percentage of the loan amount in non-interest bearing compensating balance accounts at that same bank, the realized interest rate can be much higher than the advertised rate. This is because you are paying interest on the entire loan amount even though a percentage of that amount is your own money.

Many bank loans float with interest rates, versus the fixed rates of leasing.

A bank loan can effect the cash availability of existing credit lines with that bank, impacting special needs or emergency requirements.

Many bank loans will not cover the entire net value of the equipment being purchased, whereas leasing terms can cover 100% or more when other soft costs such as installation are incorporated.

Bank loans can also incorporate "blanket leins" that can limit your asset advantages, provide your funds through a credit line that may or may not be renewed at the banks discretion, or require ongoing financial disclosure and maintenance of bank specified financial ratios. With leasing, many of these issues can be avoided - allowing you to maintain any existing bank loan relationships at a comfortable level.

Can you help me compare options so I can make the best decision?


With Ozone Capital LLC, we can review your situation and help you compare all of the options available to you, so that you can make the best decision for your organization. Contact us for your free consultation!

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